Other High Component Breeds

Truly believing in the power and benefits of diversity, we also own a number of hand selected representatives of the other high component breeds. Keeping with our focus on quality genetics, we have searched throughout the country for some of the best representatives of the various other high component breeds.

We now have three Jerseys milking in the herd, and three calves from the three that have freshened. Our first Jersey, FVF Morris Starheartt, was scored VG-87 as a two year old and she is developing into a beautiful and highly productive cow with a projected first lactation of 20,196 with 5.2% butterfat. Our other two young Jerseys are off to a good start: Cobleskill Mecca Feather 956-ET just had her score raised to VG-86 and our newest 2-year old addition, Calico Dreams Brazos Paycheck, scored VG-83, shortly after freshening.

Our first Brown Swiss to calve, Wall-Street Mary-Joan, is a tall and powerful girl and she finished her first lactation over 18,000. She is due back this spring.

Toby brought his Ayrshires with him and these are housed at Wall Street #2 and Wall Street #3 and we look forward to working with him to develop the potential of these animals.

Please keep checking back for updates and photos that will be added on our "colorful kids"

Our Registered Milking Shorthorn herd has been selected from herds in Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, New Hampshire and Vermont and carry well known prefixes such as Echo Farm, Sunny Kuhn, Weissway and Green Acres. We have had three of our two-year olds freshen recently, Sunny Kuhn Blueberry Pie, Weissway Jingle Bessie Jo 3rd and Wesissway Shine Queen, who gave us a gorgeous heifer by CD. We are HUGE fans of our "Shorties" and think that they are a well kept secret for some reason in this kind of dairy economy. Several others are due to freshen in 2010 and we look forward to expanding this herd

Echo Farm Moonshine Muenster

She was the Grand Champion Milking Shorthorn at the 2009 Chautauqua County Fair.

Her daughter, Wall Street Logic Manchego, was the Junior Champion Milking Shorthorn at the 2009 Chautauqua County Fair and the pair won the daughter dam class.

Wall Street Logic Manchego b:3/10/08

Junior Champion Milking Shorthorn at the 2009 Chautauqua County Fair




Nephew Jacob is shown with his first 4-H calf, the Milking Shorthorn Echo Farm Ted Frazzle. His first show he was awarded Reserve Junior Champion in the Open class at the Chautauqua County Fair...not a bad start at all, Jacob!

Jake at show

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