Guernseys on Wall Street

Our Guernseys have primarily been acquired from two reputable herds carrying the Marlindale and Waite Guernsey Farm prefixes.

In addition to our two Excellent cows below, another nearly 10 year old foundation dam, Marlindale Hot Shot Deary was also made a permanent EX-90 during our last appraisal and her two daughters, Daisy and Dakota were scored Very Good as well. We now have a total of thee Excellent and 12 Very Good cows in our small but growing Guernsey herd. In 2008, we were named top Guernsey herd in New York State for production in the 10-29 cow category!
Luxury Zoey

Marlindale Luxury Zoey 2E-93

4-11 2 x 355 21,252 4.3 908 3.2 686
Sire: Trotacre Jay Mr Luxury

Dam: Marlindale Saber Zebo
2nd Dam: Marlindale Perfecto Zebo

Zoey was named Grand Champion Guernsey at the 2008 and 2009 Chautauqua County Fair.

Less than two weeks after freshening, Zoey's classification score was raised to EX-93. She had a very large and impressive looking bull calf sired by Tiller, Wall-Street Tiller Zoar.  We plan on growing and developing him.

Zoey's daughter Zane also recently freshened and she was classified Very Good as a two-year old during our appraisal held on March 8, again merely days after she freshened.

Udder of Luxury Zoey

Udder of Marlindale Luxury Zoey

Zoey was named Grand Champion Guernsey at the 2008 and 2009 Chautauqua County Fair.

Wall Street Hawk Chelsea

Chelsea is the daughter of one of our most promising young cows, Marlindale Legacy Cindy, who scored VG-85 as a two year old and just finished her first lactation of over 20,000 pounds of milk and over 800 pounds of butterfat. She is due in early 2010 to Archie.

Chelsea proved to be a competitive show calf for nephew Jacob in 2009 and we are anxious to see how this stylish calf and her dam develop in 2010.

Zoey at the Fair

Zoey being shown by Jeff at the Chautauqua County Fair.

Zoey was Senior and Grand Champion Guernsey and was a serious contender for Supreme Champion of the entire dairy cattle show and received an honorable mention by the judge!

Marlindale Lorry Salinda 2E-92
8-06 2 x 300 days 16,055 4.9 749 3.2 516

Sire: Trotacre Mercury Lorry-ET
Dam: Marlindale Goliath Sherath
2nd Dam: Marlindale Magic Sheri

Salinda is the foundation dam for the Wall Street Dairy Guernsey herd, and nearly half the cows, heifers and calves we have on the farm are her descendents. We flushed her for the first time at age 9 after being bred to Royalty and we got 15 # 1 embryos. She was also scored for the first time at age 9 and went Excellent-92. Salinda was made a permanent EX 92 during our March 2009 classification. No one who meets her can believe that she is nearly 11 years old due to her youthful appearance, especially as it relates to how her udder and feet and legs have held up over the years.This photo was taken when Salinda was nearly 9 years old. Salinda's daughter Selena scored VG 87 and her two-year-old daughter, Sam, scored VG as did her daughters Sadie and Sally during our most recent classification!

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