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Upper Mountain Hounds was established in 1990 with two littermates, Petie and Ollie Junior, who went on to become Champion Bar-Vic's A Time for Change and Champion Bar-Vic's Ollie Take Two, respectively.While these boys were acquired as three month old puppies primarily as running mates and companions, they quickly began winning in dog shows and we were hooked. Almost 20 years later, our lives have been blessed and enriched by these two dogs and their descendents, many of whom have also gone on to be competitive show dogs, lure coursers, obedience and agility competitors and most important, loyal and devoted pets. The likeness of Petie and Ollier Junior is now a permanent part of our logo and will forever remind us of where we came from in our Whippet breeding program.

We only breed a litter of Whippets every 4-5 years. Our next litter is scheduled sometime in 2009. We are planning a line breeding building on our Morshor and Sporting Field lines by mating Champion Upper Mountain Spirit In The Sky, S.C (Eli) with Champion Upper Mountain Mary Did You Know (Mary). We are expecting colorful puppies since Mary's father, Suede, is a stunning blue, her grandfather, Ollie Junior, was a brilliant red color and brother Matthew is black and white. Inquiries welcome.

A special thanks to Ellen Frenkel and the late Pam Miller, Topnotch Whippets, for being our mentors and friends as we began our journey with this incredible breed.

Pete and Ollie

The patriarchs of the Upper Mountain Hounds Whippet gang, Petie (left) and Ollie Junior (right)

Petie and Ollie were responsible for our love and devotion to the Whippet breed. After entering this world in 1990, they came to Upper Mountain as running companions, and they quickly became competitive show dogs.

These boys taught us responsibility, the true meaning of unconditional love and how time consuming (but rewarding) raising two puppies simultaneously, especially litter mates, can be. Petie, also known as Champion Bar-Vic's Time for Change, was once described by a veterinarian friend as your "special boy who would be a three-pack-a-day chain smoker" if he was a human. Petie was indeed very active and energetic right up until we helped him make the transition to "doggy Heaven" at nearly age 17.

Petie's brother Ollie Junior, Champion Bar-vic's Ollie Take Two, had the exact opposite personality and was very calm, laid back and quiet.

We were blessed to have Ollie in our lives for almost 18 years, and we are pleased that his children and grandchildren are still here with us and providing the foundation for generations to come of this great family.

Champion Upper Mountain JB's Phantom, S.C. "Katie Anne"
(Ch. Mimbres Gilded Grayling X Ch. Kirwin Undercover Syndicate)

Katie Anne was the greatly loved and now missed foundation bitch of Upper Mountain Hounds.

Her children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren across the country are carrying on her tradition of being competitive show dogs, fierce lure coursers, and tremendous companions.

Katie Anne and her brother Andrew were born in Connecticut and the only two puppies born in their litter so we were especially blessed to be able to share our lives with them both for many good and wonderful years.

Katie Anne won several group placements during her show career, a tradition that her son Eli, daughter Dee Dee and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren are now carrying on.

Katie's children Dee Dee, Eli, Gracie and grandchildren Mathew and Mary are still here with us every day, reminding us of how blessed we were to share our lives with this special girl.



Champion Upper Mountain I'm Undercover, S.C. "Andrew" (Ch. Mimbres Gilded Grayling X Ch. Kirwin Undercover Syndicate)

Andrew was a very intelligent, sweet and handsome Whippet, something that you can tell when you look into his soulful eyes. He excelled in both dog shows and lure coursing.

Andrew was a very gentle and quiet soul UNLESS he was competing in field trials. Once the lure began to run, Andrew was transformed into a racing machine and was one of the most competitive Whippets around during his time. Andy had a major impact on our lives, contributing greatly to our appreciation for this special breed. He will never be forgotten.

Andy was Jim's constant companion and buddy and to demonstrate the devotion that they had for each other, Jim drove all the way from New Jersey to Niagara Falls in a blinding blizzard to take Andy to a dog show to compete under a judge that he thought would appreciate Andy's breed type and movement. Andy, in turn, won that day and finished his AKC championship.

Upper Mountain New York Minute (Ch. Upper Mountain I'm Undercover, S.C, X Upper Mountain Vogel's Betsy Ross).

Petie's grand daughter and Andy's daughter, "Princess Margaret Mary", is her father in a smaller package and she is truly the boss of the Whippets and Greyhounds alike at Upper Mountain.

"The Princess" went to a couple of dog shows and actually won at one of them, but she quickly decided that it was below her dignity to trot around the ring. Instead, she demanded that she be carried around.

At age 11, "the Royal Highness" is she denying that she is canine and rules her other "subjects" with an iron paw.

Margaret Mary

Champion Upper Mountain Mayflower Madam "Dee Dee"
(Ch. Bar-Vic's Ollie Take Two X Ch. Upper Mountain JB's Phantom)

Dee Dee is a result of a Morshor line breeding, combining genetics from two of our very first Whippets, Ollie Junior and Katie Anne. Dee Dee was literally born the morning of our move to Upper Mountain Farm (hence, her moving van name) and she is one of the most entertaining and fun Whippets that we own. She had one litter, producing four beautiful puppies, including "Mary", our beautiful red brindle girl and "Matthew", our striking black and white "tuxedo wearing" boy. Dee spends many nights in bed with Jeff, but before she goes to sleep, she playfully boxes him until he has fallen to sleep. She is a character and it is hard to believe that she is almost 11. She is shown in this photo winning "Best Puppy in Show" at her very first dog show when she was barely 6 months old

Champion Upper Mountain Spirit in the Sky, S.C. "Eli" (below)

Champion Upper Mountain Spirit in the Sky, S.C. "Eli" (DC. Sporting Field's Jazz Fest, FCh. X Ch. Upper Mountain JB's Phantom, S.C.)

To date, Eli was arguably the best show Whippet that we have bred and owned. He won many group placements during his relatively short show career, and he is only one point away from receiving his AKC Field Championship which would make him a Dual Champion. Whether it be in the show ring or a field trial, Eli aimed to please, and normally ended up a winner.

Born in the middle of a blizzard along with sister Gracie and five other siblings, he instantly bonded with us and never left our sides. He is a very youthful 9 years old now, and his offspring have excelled in the show ring and lure coursing.

Eli will be mated to our spectacular red brindle and white bitch, Ch. Upper Mountain Mary Did You Know "Mary" in 2009. His sire, "Rory" was the top winning show dog and courser of his time and when bred to our Katie Anne, the offspring combined the best of the Sporting Fields and Morshor bloodlines.

Eli has also been collected and his semen is available on a very limited basis.

Gracie Gracie

Champion Upper Mountain Amazing Grace "Gracie" (above)
(DC Sporting Field's Jazz Fest, FCh. X Ch. Upper Mountain JB's Phantom)

Gracie is another of Jeff's favorite bed warmers, but unlike her half-sister Dee Dee, she is a lover, not a boxer, and so she likes to kiss Jeff to sleep. Gracie is a very elegant and beautiful Whippet, much more like her English cousins than the American Whippets, and she is the sweetest and most demure Whippet that we own. If a person was only to have one pet in a lifetime, Gracie is the one you would want.

Champion Upper Mountain Mary Did You Know "Mary"
(Ch. Laurel Chase Mysterious Winds, S.C. X Ch. Upper Mountain Mayflower Madam)

Mary is one of the brightest dogs that we have ever owned, and we hope to eventually compete with her in agility and obedience as she loves to catch, retrieve, and do anything that requires a great deal of energy. She is athletic and a great representative of the breed and we are looking forward to her puppies by Eli in 2009.

Champion Upper Mountain The Christmas Miracle "Matthew"

Matthew was truly our Christmas miracle for a number of reasons when he was born in December 2004.

First, he is our first black and white Whippet, something that we didn't expect.

Second, he was born right before Christmas.

Third, we had tried unsuccessfully to breed his mother Dee Dee a number of times and so this was our last attempt. It was well worth the wait, as you can see from the result. He is a striking boy, looks like he is wearing a perfect tuxedo, and he made two cuts at the 2008 Westminster Kennel Club show.

We have also collected and frozen Matthew's semen and it is available on a very limited basis. To us, Matthew exemplifies what we have always loved about the Morshor pedigree

Photos above taken at the 2008 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, Madison Square Garden, New York City.Handler is Kim Tudor-Fredericks

"Whitney and Marlo"

Whitney (left) and Marlo (right) are two beauties that were bred by Scott.

Sadly, Scott just said good-bye to Marlo, a very lovable and energetic girl, and our friend Jeanette in New Jersey just helped her beloved and sweet Whitney make the transition to doggy Heaven.

We are comforted knowing that these two kids are now in Heaven romping together again, pain free and happy.

Both Whitney and Marlo spent time with us as puppies and young adults and they will be missed by everyone who knew them.

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