Wall Street Dairy, Chautauqua County, Mayville, New York

Wall Street Dairy was established in 2007 on Wall Street in Mayville, New York. The house and original barns date back to the early-to-mid 1800s.

Nestled in beautiful Chautauqua County in extreme Western NY between Lake Erie and Chautauqua Lake, the farm was originally known as the "Sear's Turkey Farm", once the largest turkey farm east of the Mississippi River. For decades families from the area would come to the farm and choose their turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

This legacy probably explains why on any given day, there are dozens of wild turkeys hanging around the farm, most likely paying homage to their domesticated ancestors.

Wall Street Dairy is home to our Holsteins carrying the registered "The-Street" prefix, and to our Guernseys, Milking Shorthorns, Jerseys, Ayrshires and Brown Swiss carrying the registered "Wall-Street" prefix. While the Holsteins and Guernseys comprise the majority of the nearly 300 head we have on the farm, we have also been selectively adding top representatives of the high component breeds based on exemplary bloodlines and outstanding genetic potential.

Our big news in 2010 was the acquisition of the renowned and respected Spring-Fed Holsteins from Nelson and Susie Hector, Swan Lake, NY. We will be forever indebted to this fine family for entrusting their entire herd to Wall Street Dairy. Spring-Fed Holsteins have been the foundation of our Holstein herd since beginning our dairy operation nearly 3 years ago. We are confident that the addition of these tremendous animals will take us to the next level.

Our Holsteins were most recently classified in April 2011 and we are very pleased and proud that our BAA increased to 109.4%. Lottie scored EX 90 along with Spring-Fed Outside Lettie! Some of our other Excellent cows received more points and additional "E" designations. We also had several 2 yr olds score VG so it was a very exciting day! Additionally, our first three Jerseys to freshened were scored Very Good-87, Very Good-86 and Very Good-83 in February.

Wall Street Dairy is owned by Jeff Winton and Jim Modica, and Jeff's brother Scott oversees many important aspects of the operation including the diligent grooming of the animals, assistance with registrations and identification, etc. Scott's attention to detail and concern for the welfare and well-being of the animals is greatly appreciated. He also co-owns several of the animals at Wall Street Dairy and enjoys showing them at various competitions.

The home Holstein herd on Wall Street, Wall Street #1, is managed by Jordan Cook and Brooks Winton. Brooks joined us in September 2009 and is the proud father of year old twins, Brenden and Brooke. Jordan joined us in December 2009 from his family's registered Holstein herd in Lancaster County, PA. As we upgrade the quality of our herd, we are also upgrading the quality of our labor and we are really pleased to have these fine young men running our home farm. Our component breeds herd, Wall Street #2, is capably handled by Adam Kelley. Adam joined us in 2008 and is doing an outstanding job. He is especially happy to be caring for the registered Guernseys that were bred and owned by his late grandfather, Lawrence Hooker, Marlindale Farms. We are also confident that he will learn to love the Jerseys as much as we do eventually, even their "fancy dancin'!" Our newest location, Wall Street #3, is co-managed by Bruce Walker and Toby Winton. Bruce and his family own the Walker Farms that we are currently leasing and for generations this family bred and competed with their top-notch registered Holsteins at many different levels of competition prior to their dispersal a few years ago. Toby worked for years on the Winton family farm, Arlaine Farms, and he has bred many quality registered Holsteins and Ayrshires that are now also part of the Wall Street herd.

Wall Street Dairy is a proud member of the Upstate Niagara Cooperative, and we recently were awarded a top Quality Award given to a handful of their members who consistently produce clean and healthy milk throughout the year. This is a tribute to the care and attention to detail that our farm teams contribute to our operations each and every day. You can find our milk and yogurt in many grocery stores, including Wegmans, and it is sold under the "Upstate Farms" label. Other dairy products such as cottage cheese, sour cream and dips made with our milk can also be found in your local dairy case, marketed under the "Bison" brand name.

The Winton family has been farming on the home farm in central Chautauqua County for seven generations now. Wall Street Dairy is only 20 minutes away when it isn't snowing, which basically means, in August!

Jeff's Mom Elaine is the glue that keeps the farm and the family together. She is shown here with her granddaughter Emily who loves going to the barn to help with the baby calves.

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Upper Mountain Farm, Morris County, Long Valley, New Jersey
Upper Mountain Farm is the current administrative office of Wall Street Dairy, and was a dairy farm in its own right many years ago. The farm is located in lovely Long Valley, NJ, an hour west of New York City and an hour north of Philadelphia. Long Valley is still an important agricultural area and hundreds of acres are preserved in the NJ Farmland Preservation program. While many of the dairy farms have now given way to horse farms and orchards and nurseries and alpacas, it has maintained its rural nature since first being founded by German farmers over 300 years ago.

Upper Mountain Farm is listed on the New Jersey Historical Register and the original part of the house, barn and spring house were built in the early 1700s.
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