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We welcome your interest and inquiries as we continue to build upon the genetics we retained after our October Sale. Several key purchases from some of the Holstein Breed's most revered cow familes have also been added- we'll keep you posted!

April 2019 New York News Ad:Featuring 4 Excellents in 4 Breeds! Red & White, Milking Shorthorn, Brown Swiss and Ayrshire!

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November 2018 New York News Ad: A tribute to Elaine Wickstrom Winton, the matriarch of the Winton family who transitioned to heaven this past September. She will be greatly missed, but we are so thankful for all that she gave and taught us!

October 2018 New York News Ad: Featuring our 2018 Show Ring Stars- Elvira, Flower, Ellie and Electra and their results!

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Complete Catalog is online!

Our 10th Anniversary sale was held at the farm on Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 11 AM.

It was a wonderful day and we thank all who attended, the buyers, the contenders, our neighbors and friends! We wish all the buyers the best of success with their purchases!

Ruthianna VG 88@2y Lot #1 topped the sale at $6500, Atwood June EX 91 Lot #4 and McCutchen Daisy VG 86@2y Lot #45 both brought $4050.

The Cattle Exchange managed the sale and did an excellent job!

Dave Rama: "Had a great sale at Wall Street Dairy today! Congratulations to Jeff Winton and his entire team. For those that do not know Jeff Winton, he is a first class individual! It's people like him that make this business what it is!"

Click on each heading below for sale details and the feature cows selling!

Click Lot # for catalog page.

Over 100 of our top Holsteins and Red and Whites and select Milking Shorthorns, Brown Swiss and Ayrshires are being offered at our 10th Anniversary Sale. Discounts are being offered for 4-H, FFA and Junior Breed Club members. The Cattle Exchange is managing the sale. We will have over 100 milk cows, springers, bred and open heifers and calves that are more than good, they are SUPERB!

Complimentary Continental Breakfast on Sale Day 9:00am to 11:00am - please join us.

5% Discount for Juniors, FFA, 4-H and Breed Youth Members under 18 years of age!!

Free Trucking within 30 miles of farm!

Sale updates are online - 10/20/17

Complete Catalog is now online!

October New York Holstein News Sale Ad- check it out!

  • 125 Head Sell - 60 Cows, 65 Heifers & Show-Age Calves
  • Our herd is built on deep pedigrees and outstanding type- BAA 108.5 12 EX 29 VG 18 GP
  • Herd will be rescored prior to the sale.
  • Something for everyone! We look forward to welcoming you on October 21st!
  • Also selling will be a few select color breed offerings, including a tremendous Swiss due with 2nd calf that has shown very well and some deep-pedigreed Milking Shorthorns!

High quality milk from healthy cows! Our most recent somatic cell count was 87,000 and bacteria was 2000.We have had consistently low counts over the past 10 years and have been a recipient of the Super Milk awards from Upstate Niagara 6 consecutive years out of 10 years we have been in business.

Cattle purchased for Canada will require additional tests and these cattle will be cared for and tested free of charge and should be ready to ride within 10 days after the sale.

Online Bidding Pre-Registration & Pre-Approval required.
Contact Aaron Ray Tompkins (336) 363-4839 –

In 2010 Wall Street Dairy acquired the renowned and respected Spring-Fed Holsteins from Nelson and Susie Hector, Swan Lake, NY. We will be forever indebted to this fine family for entrusting their entire herd to Wall Street Dairy. Spring-Fed Holsteins have been the foundation of our Holstein herd since beginning our dairy operation and we are happy to offer their descendants in our sale!

4-01 2x 365 32,420 3.9 1251 2.9 926

Foundation cow here and a 5th gen. VG or EX, One of the greatest transmitting families in the herd!

  • Lot #19 - VG 86 Braxton gr'dtr from VG 88
  • Lot #20&21 - GP 81 3y Mayfield, gr'dtr from EX Alexander sells w/ her Diamondback dtr.
  • Lot #22 -Laser Gr'dtr from VG 86 Sanchez
  • Lot #23 - Yoder Gr'dtr from VG 87 Sanchez
  • Lot #24 - Numero Uno Gr'dtr from VG 87 Alexander
  • Lots #25 & #26 - Donatello Great Gr'dtr & Airlift Great Gr'Dtr

6-04 2x 365 32,970 4.3 1427 2.8 928
Lifetime: 157,650 4.3 6715 3.1 4829

Over 157,000M lifetime, her dam is a 2E-92 Mandel, then 3 more VG dams. Allie is a maternal sister to Shark Attack (above) and has her own branch of the family selling with the same great type & production!

  • Lot #27 - GP 81 3y Supersire dtr
  • Lot #28- VG 85 Braxton Gr'dtr
  • Lot #29 - VG 88 Great Gr'dtr by Lavanguard w 3 dtrs by Epic, Akron & Mogul -Lots 30,31, 32
  • Lot #33- Pat-RED from VG 88 Dusk, then VG 88 Aspen & then Allie
  • Lot #34- Gold Chip from VG 86 Braxton, then the VG 88 Dusk, VG 88 Aspen, Allie

3-05 2x 365 30,700 3.6 1115 3.2 968

Over 113,000M lifetime, her dam was VG-88 with records to 1248f, the next 5 dams are all VG & EX. One of the premier R&W families in this herd!

Lot #40- Sugar's RC GP 83 3y Armani dtr, Wall-St Armani Skittles RC sells milking well

Lot #41- Wall-St history Starburst PO sells - Skittles dtr by Penn England History PP

Lot #42 - Sugar's RED Picolo dtr has a GP 80 2y Axford-RED dtr - Wall-St Axford Sage-RED selling just fresh with her RED Barbwire dtr Lot #43


8-03 2x 347 32,250 3.9 1242 3.0 970

From the great “Bell Ginny” family, Gerri is a 9th gen. VG or EX!

Lot #70 -dtr by Supersire- Wall-St Supersire Gloria-ET VG 85 VG mam - Due Nov to McCutchen!

Lot #71 -dtr by Supersire- Wall-St Supersire Gellie-ET GP 83,2y -Her Salt dtr sells as Lot #72

Lot #73- Gr'dtr by Observer, dam is GP 83 Jeeves, she sells with her 3/6/17 Damaris dtr as Lot #74

Lot #75 - Wall-St Seaver Gina GP 83 - dtr of VG 88 Gayla, mat sister to Gerri

Lot #76 - Wall-St Bankroll Gallina- b:4/25/16 - dtr of VG 88 Gayla, mat sister to Gerri

Lot #77Wall-St Donatello Gianni - dtr of GP 83 Superstition dtr of Gayla, mat sister to Gerri

Lot #78- Wall-St Marvel Gracie-Gayla, Mat Sister is her 3rd Dam


4-03 2x 328 25,320 4.2 1075 2.9 737

Another top family here, her dam is a 3E-91 Freelance with 1375f, then a VG-88 Marshall with two records over 1300f!

Lot #55 - Lettie's GP-81 Fever dtr due in Dec to Pety Wall-St Fever Lily!

Lot #56 - Lettie's GP 82 Alexander Wall-St Alexander Lotto bred to Dragonheart

Lot #57- Lotto's 2/23/17 dtr by Craswell Bankroll


3-04 2x 365 30,850 4.1 1260 2.9 906

Anne is backed by 5 VG dams and her 2E-90 Dundee daughter was HHM All-NY in 2012. Another deep maternal line

Lot #47 Anne's VG 85 Sanchez dtr sells Wall-St Sanchez Annie

Lot #48 Annie's GP-83, 2y VG mam Sabathia dtr

Anne also has a VG 88 Sanchez dtr (Angela) pictured below with dtrs by Mayfield Lot #50 selling with her Defiant dtr born 3/24 as Lot #51

Lot #52 Wall-St Ares Atarah b:4/11/17 - dtr of VG 85 Braxton dtr from #X 90 The Street Dundee Alma and then Anne.



2-03 2x 316 23,100 3.5 810 2.8 653

Her dam is Mr Sam Anne 2E 91. Next 5 dams all VG

Angela is a great example of how well Sanchez worked here

2 Daughters Selling:

Angela's Mayfield dtr sells- GP 82 VG Mam @2y as Lot #50 with her Defiant dtr b:3-24-17 as Lot #51

Angela's March ’16 DaVinci daughter sells as Lot #49!


Exceptional type being offered!

2-00 291d 31,128 4.0 840 3.1 654 (Inc.)

  • ME’d at 28,000m 1120f
  • Ruthiana was HM All-NY Fall Yearling in 2016
  • 2017 - 1st Sr. 2-Yr-Old & Intermediate Champion at the Chautauqua Co. Holstein Show!
  • Her dam is a VG-87 Guthrie, then a Touchdown, then 8 gens. EX! 8th dam is
    D-R-A August 4E 96
  • Ruthianna sells as Lot #1!

3-04 2x 301d 34,963 3.7 932 3.2 793 RIP)

Just moved up to 91! One of the stellar young cows in this herd, June is an 8th generation VG or EX! Her dam is an EX Alexander w/26,000m. Family members sell and they are fancy!

Sells as Lot #4

Daughter of Full Sister sells - Wall-St Delbert Jia-RC Born 3/17/16 - Lot #5



4-11 2x 290d 31,168 3.2 983 3.2 954 RIP

Sells as Lot #6

One of the standout cows in this herd and might not be done at 92 points! She sells with her son by Headliner!
Dam is GP-83, then EX-91, EX-90, & EX-95!

Lava sells as Lot #6 - due 5/27/18 to Atwood!

Son by Seagull-Bay Headliner sells as Lot #7,Wall-St Headliner Lucifer- born 12/7/16



4-08 2X 348 26,150 4.0 1058 3.3 853

Isis’ dam is a VG-87 Tesk with 255,770 4.0 10,287 3.2 8081, then 5 more VG & EX dams, many GMD and DOM!

Lot #58 - VG 86,2y Atwood daughter bred to McCutchen!

Lot #59 - Dundee Gr'dtr from GP 83 Bradnick dt

Lot #60 - Iota Gr'dtr from GP 81 Rebel dtr



3-01 2x 347 32,500 3.3 1088 3.3 1061

A beautiful young cow, just scored EX 92! Her dam is a VG-88 Lheros, next dam is GP-84, then 3 gens. VG -87.

Sid sells as Lot #13 bred to Superior along with her Sept. ’16 RED Carson gr’dtr as Lot #14!

Sid's Maternal sister's daughter by Malone sells as Lot #15

Also from Sid's family is a VG 85 Alexander dtr selling with her daughter by Moregold! Lots #16 & #17



4-07 2x 314 21,940 4.3 933 3.6 779

3rd generation EX, all with EX-MS, next 4 dams are all VG & EX as well!

Selling is Sunshine's EX 90 EX 92 Mam daughter by Berryridge Jeeves Jives as Lot #8
Wall-St Jivs Hurricane Sandy EX 90 VEVVE EX 92 Mam 3-07 319d 24,290 3.8 912 3.6 866
Fresh 6/5/17 - bred 9/21/17 to Dragonheart


3-10 2x 328 18,790 4.2 781 3.1 678

By Astronomical from an EX-90 Leduc with 2 recs. over 1200f, then Don-A-Dale Jet Crystal (EX-4E), All-Canadian & 3x Reserve with 1457f. Next 2 dams are VG.

Cora's dtr: Wall-St Dusk Corina VG 85
4-05 365d 31,540 2.9 920 3.3 1054

Lot #80 - Wall-St Django Catalina - b:2/19/17 -dtr of Corina

Lot #81 & Lot #82 - Wall-St Carson Coca-TW*RC and Wall-St Carson Cola-TW*RC - Twin Carson dtrs due in Nov and Jan


8-05 2X 315 26,080 4.3 1119 2.9 769

Over 129,000M lifetime, her dam is 4E-94-DOM with 225,000M, then 6 more VG & EX, long-lived dams in the Swampy-Hollow Sugar-Tw (EX-91 GMD-DOM) family!

  • Lot #35 -VG 86 Red Advent dtr sells! with her RED Apple Jack dtr as Lot #36
  • Lot #37 - RED Applejack from VG 86 RED Redburst, then VG 88 RED Advent then Supreme!
  • Lot #38 - RED Awesome from VG 86 RED Redburst, then VG 88 RED Advent then Supreme!

From the famous Diamond-S Eve Corry 2E family!Krullcrest Garter Cute-ET VG 85 +VV+V
4-07 365d 37,850 3.3 1256 2.8 1076

Cute's daughter by Shottle has offspring selling!
Milkworth Shottle Candy VG 86 VEGGV
5-06 320d 32,023 3.4 1074 3.2 1019

Lot #88-Wall-St Candida Sire:Coyne-Farms Srock Mack - Candida is milking well w/ 1st calf. Also selling is Candida's dtr by Rebound- Lot #89

Lot #90 Candy's GP 82 Jeeves dtr: Spring-Fed Jeeves Cupcake has a ZBW-JD Mr Wonka dtr selling Wall-St Wonka Candle due in Dec to Archrival!

Lot #91 Candy's VG 88 Fever dtr: Wall-St Fever Caramel has a Moonboy Gr'dtr selling Wall-St Moonboy Crescent born 9/15/16!

Cute's Dam: Whittier-Farms Cinthya-ET EX 90 EEEEV DOM 2-9 365d 42,330 3.5 1473 2.8 1204

2nd Dam: Felder Den Barb Cindy-ET 3E 91 GMD DOM
3rd Dam:
Miss Den-Barb Global Cora EX-90 GMD-DOM  
4th Dam: Ruann Royalty Cora-ET EX-90 DOM
4-7 2X 365 57,460 4.0 2318 3.5 2020
5th Dam: Carnation Pete Coralline-ET VG 86 DOM6th Dam: Diamond-S Eve Corry EX-2E GMD-DOM
7th Dam: Diamond-S Glamour Cass EX-3E GMD
8th Dam: Diamond-S Bvar Cassie EX-GMD
9th Dam: Lavacres Polly Caroline EX 
10th Dam: Lavacres Dusty Jo Carousel EX-3E 
11th Dam: Lavacres Dusty Carla EX


5-01 2x 325 32,130 3.4 1087 3.1 985
Her dam is a 2E-90 Mr Burns w/1395f, next 6 dams are all VG, Can with high lifetimes to 222,000m!

Pattie sells as Lot #9 and her GP 83 Ladd P daughter - Marsh-Vue Ladd P Parmela-RED sells as Lot #10 due 12/31/17 to Carson-RED!


6-06 2x 305 24,290 4.3 1048 2.9 707
Next dam is 3E-94, then VG-86, CAN.

Lot # 62 - GP 83 Gr'dtr by Sterling Wall-St Sterling Flicka-RED - dam is VG 87 Redman dtr w/ 24,920 4.0 3.3

Lot #63-Flicka's 7/20/16 Wall-St Apple RJ-RED dtr

Lot #64-Flicka's 7/20/16 Wall-St Apple RJ-RED dtr

Lot #65- Wall-St Armani Flower- dam is GP 83 Perky dtr, then VG 87 Redman then 93 Festive

Lot #66 - Wall-St Carson Fern RED - dam is GP 83 Perky dtr, then VG 87 Redman then 93 Festive

Lot #67 - Wall-St Crown-P Frito-RED -dam is GP 83 dtr of VG 85 Amery dtr, then VG 87 Redman, then 93 Festive

Lot #68 - Wall-St Desired Fondue-*RC -dam is GP 83 dtr of VG 85 Amery dtr, then VG 87 Redman, then 93 Festive


2-02 2x 365 21,712 4.2 922 3.6 773
3-10 2x 18d 1,328 4.1 54 4.0 53 (inc)
Milking 90# - Fresh 9/5/17

A fancy highlight here, this is one to watch for! She
can take you to the winner’s circle!

Madison sells as Lot #106



3-10 2x 309 22,855 3.7 831 3.4 771

Lulu's dam has 4-03 305d 24,780 4.1 1027 3.1 772

Lot #112 - Lulu's outstanding Berkeley b: 2/1/16



3-07 310D 17,150 4.0 684 2.8 486
5-01 299D 21,350 3.2 674 2.9 613

Dam: VG 86 2nd Dam: 2E 92

Lot #108 - Crescent's Spungold-R Prince of PA - Arb-Flo-Spr Prince Candycane-ET

Lot #109 - Candycane's dtr by Springville Logic Premium Christie b:6/9/15 due Nov to Lucky Strike

Lot #110 & Lot #111 - Twin dtrs of Candycane sired by Sunshine Moneys Dutch b: 6/7/16


Don't miss these impressive offerings -

  • Lot #2 - Buckhorn Acres Srose-RED-ET EX 92 2E has a VG 87 RC dtr by Alexander selling with her dtr by Wall-St Apple RJ-RED
  • Lot #18 - Spring-Fed Million Francs VG 85 VG mam - is a 7th gen VG or EX and her daughter by Atwood sells fresh in June, scored GP 82, 2y w/ VG mam.
  • Lot #45 - VG 86, 2y VG 88 mam Wall-St McCutchen Daisy from a Shottle, then 4 VG dams. Daisy was fresh in June, bred back to Montross and due in May 2018! Also selling is Daisy's Gold Chip dtr - Lot #46
  • Lot #69 - Male by Gold Chip b:3/5/16 sells - he is from VG 85 Hero dtr w/ 33,300 # as 2 yr old, 2nd - 16th dams all Ex going back to Audrey Posch EX 93 GMD
  • Lot #79 - Twosday Damion Camille - bred heifer due fall - dam is VG 85 Atlanta from deep cow family
  • Lot #83 - Twosday Redburst Mabel-RED bred to Addiction-RED from GP 82 Ladd P-RED dtr- next 4 dams: VG 87, VG 88, 3E 93, EX 90
  • Lots #84-85 - Wall-St Durham Rain-RED GP 84 fresh in Sept and Wall-St Desired Raven *RC due in Feb to Defiant RC - both are from VG full sisters from the Black Rose 3E 96 family! 4th dam is EX 91 Outside Ronni, 5th dam -EX 91 Leader Rose, 6th dam is Stookey Elmpark Blackrose 3E 96!
  • Lots #86&87 - Wall-St Alexander Paisley *RC GP 83, 2y - sells fresh in June, bred to Dragonheart. Her 3rd dam is Sellcrest Shedaisey-RED-ET 2E 90, 4th dam EX 91, 5th dam VG 89, 6th dam 3E 94 Stookey Fagn Scarlet-RED-ET and then 3E 95 Continental Scarlet-RED-ET

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